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Traveling to Bergen today to talk about decentralized social media tomorow 18:00. People are free to come if you are interested! (Info about place and time is in the picture)

#norge #bergen #mastodon #decentralizedsocialmedia #norway #spreadingtheword ;)

So I sent out a poll, some kind users voted... but where is it?

Has my brain gone in weekend mode already or the only way to retrieve the result of that poll is to search through my post?


The new registration approval feature in #Mastodon is just fantastic. True that new users will have to wait until I check their registrations but it's also stopping quite a few spammers now.

Yay, I now have #pleroma running on a PYNQ-Z1 FPGA board. It has a 650MHz dual-core Arm Cortex-A9 with 512MB RAM. That is not enough memory to run #mastodon though.

"How many Cloudflared URLs shared on social media yesterday?"

Scanned: 725
Collected URLs: 112,517

Unique FQDN: 17,900
MITM: 3,222

People used #social media to share 112,517 URLs.
They didn't realized at least 18% of them are using #Cloudflare .

#TheGreatCloudwall #Twitter #Mastodon #Reddit

Anyone interested about GPG encrypted notifications for mastodon instance?

Any user who would send email with own GPG public key to given mailbox will receive all outgoing notifications from Mastodon encrypted with own key from that point.

All other users would simply receive email notifications same as before.

Currently using it for many web services, which send email notifications.

#encrypted #notification #mastodon #pEp #GPG #PGP


Content warning: Mastodon statistics

Bonjour tout le monde !

📢 🔴 URGENT 🔴

Un logiciel génial est en train de mourir, parce que son développeur n'a plus le temps de s'en occuper.

C'est une alternative à Adobe AfterEffect : Natron (

Mastodon, il nous faut trouver un développeur C++, qui veuille bien le maintenir ? ou chercher une entreprise qui travaille avec des logiciels libres ? C'est très important.

Boost très apprécié

Merci d'avance pour votre contribution !

#Dev #Mastodon #C+++ #Python

Nice to see that with #Mastodon 2.8.0 now I can leave registrations open but accept or reject requests.

That should helps in stopping some of the spammers.

Welcome to #Mastodon v2.8.0!

LOL Bird site not happy today. Long live #Mastodon #twitter
Image/photo oggi twitta questo. Twitter oggi in #Italia è uno strumento di propaganda, come i giornali, il cinema e la televisione prima di esso. Il #fediverse potrebbe essere la salvezza: spostiamoci e spostiamoli in massa su #mastodon.
@maupao @nilocram @paolo @Ca_Gi

Basic #Friendica setup sorted. Still got to configure a few things like email notification but it seems to work.
Also the connection with #Mastodon seems to be working fine.
If you fancy testing it it's on:

dumb question can you ban an entire instance ? in like I don't want to see any toots from any users from a specific instance ever ... ? #mastodon

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